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we_heart_ricky's Journal

For the love of Ricardo Quaresma.
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we_heart_ricky is a community dedicated to portugal and inter milan footballer ricardo quaresma. we're pretty much your average group of girls who have a hardcore crush on not only a rather good looking and charming young portuguese man, but also a man with a big heart and talent.

rules wise we're flexible.
° play nice. in other words be respectful of one another.
° post things relevant to ricky; in other words try to stay on topic.
° keep insanely large images underneath a cut; or at least for our sanity and others thumbnail it.
° feel free to post any sort of graphics: icons/animations/banners/wallpapers etc.
° never hotlink anything from the community. hotlinking really is a huge problem and results in frustration.
° have fun. post silly things, be able to joke around. nobody likes to be uptight all the time.
° use the tags if there isn't one yet for something then make a tag. it keeps everything hopefully organized.

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